Donna Archer and Sean McBryde are amazed at how comfortable they feel with each other, even though they are complete strangers when they meet in the Atlanta International Airport. When Donna and Sean touch, the sleeping spirits of Ian and Arianna, ill-fated lovers from 14th century Scotland, are awakened. Just before the couple was killed for their illicit love affair, Arianna wove a Celtic binding spell so that their love would never die... and one day they would be together again. Follow Donna and Sean as they live out the fate of Ian and Arianna, experiencing the dramatic twists and turns of an epic love story. Will Donna and Sean fulfill the Celtic destiny, foretold seven-hundred years ago?


The year 1941 had been a boring year for sixteen-year-old Joseph Stillwater, a Mescalero Apache living on a New Mexico Indian reservation. That was until that December when he heard President Roosevelt's speech to Congress after the Pearl Harbor bombing. Instantly, he and his cousin, John Runninghorse, knew what they wanted to do. They wanted to fight the enemies of America. So, they defied their parents, ran away, lied about their ages, and joined the Army. Neither teen had ever been off the reservation, yet soon they were in Alabama doing basic training. From there they were sent to Tidworth, England, for specialty training where they were joined by several other Native American soldiers. Their expertise in fighting, tracking, and hunting was so above other American soldiers, it soon had them being reassigned to Scotland where they were to train with elite British Commando soldiers. With the war in Europe intensifying, they were released from that training and sent to France where their mission was to form a unit that could fight and harass the Germans from the shadows while collecting intelligence. They were so successful, the Germans gave them a nickname Geistkriegers, the Spirit Warriors, because they were never seen before or after their deadly attacks, but only heard when they gave an Indian war cry from the depths of the forests. While in France, Joseph found love when he met a French girl, Maria, but experienced heartbreak when she was taken by the Germans. That heartbreak turned into anger and hatred, and turned Joseph into a true Apache warrior on a blood hunt for all Germans. When the war ended, Joseph took those pent-up emotions home with him where his grandfather, his tribe's shaman, saw the demons within his grandson. He suggested Joseph to experience a ritual spirit walk to his ancestors to cleanse him of his demons. Joseph consented, but could a "visit" to his ancestors cleanse him of the pain he had felt in losing Maria?


Army Captain Serafina Stillwater, Apache Mescalero Indian, knew she was born to be a warrior. She lists a bloodline back to Geronimo. Upon graduation from West Point, she is pronounced a warrior and presented with a piece of meteorite called the Ancestor Stone; a stone her people have held sacred for centuries. A stone believed to have the power to bring a warrior or his spirit home, no matter where he roams. Warrior she may be, but the Army’s ban on females fighting has left her a SERE’s instructor. When a video from a Mexican cartel meant for ISIS is intercepted and sent to the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff, her duty station changes. Serafina becomes lead instructor in training a multi taskforce, from all military branches, and Border Patrol agents in how to fight invasion from along our border with Mexico. Within a week of beginning the training, Sera and her men are ambushed by the cartel, accompanied by ISIS operatives. Only Serafina and three others survive but left for dead in the desert. Diagnosed with PTSD, Sera remains in a coma. Her great-grandfather, an Apache shaman, says she needs an Apache Spirit Walk, to connect with her ancestors who can show her how to heal. He gets permission from Washington and Sera begins an Oz-like journey inside her mind back to her ancestors. A journey no woman has ever made because no woman has ever been named a warrior of her tribe.

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